environmental policy

In the same way we care for your future financial needs, we care about the environment in which these needs are enjoyed. Our environmental policy is to seek to operate a long term sustainable business model. We take a common sense approach and try to make efficient use of resources and support sustainable sources.


  • Re-use paper internally, therefore reducing waste and ensuring each piece of paper has at least two lives!
  • Recycle used paper - via standard recycling measures and Confidential Waste Services.
  • Reduce use as far as possible - this has been achieved via use of electronic processes.
  • We seek electronic documents from our service providers where the facility exists.
  • We seek to communicate via email, though this is subject to client preferences.
  • Paper use - close to 100% of purchases are recycled.

General Office

  • We use original manufacturer cartridges as recycled ones we have found have inferior performance.
  • Toner cartridges are returned for recycling to manufacturer.
  • Our choice of printers is for high cycle/long life and efficiency.
  • Cleaning products - we purchase environmentally friendly, such as Ecover.
  • Used Stamps are collected and forwarded to charity.